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The KidsFirst program is designed to support children and families by enhancing parenting knowledge, providing support and building on family strengths.

The Early Learning Centre is one of four Regina agencies which offers the home-visiting component of KidsFirst. KidsFirst services are provided to families before or after the birth of a child.  Services may be offered up until children reach five years of age.

KidsFirst Regina Vision: All children enjoy a good start to life and are nurtured and supported by caring families and communities.

Home Visitors share information about:

  • Child care and early learning opportunities for children
  • Child growth and development
  • Housing and food security
  • Parenting
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Education
  • Employment
  KidsFirst at the ELC

"I am very grateful for this program. When I had my older children I never had a program like this and it has made a big difference."  

Families may also receive support to deal with difficult issues, set personal and family goals and have opportunities to meet and get to know other parents.

KidsFirst families are encouraged to enrol their children in the ELC’s Preschool Program. For more information visit KidsFirst Regina.

Enrollment capacity is 90 to 100 families.

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"The home visitor taught me new parenting strategies, they have been a great emotional support. I'm being a better mom now, they've helped me to be more understanding of the stages my baby goes through, and to be more confident with myself."

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