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What’s happening in the Yellow Room

February is First Nations Storyteller’s month. This month the children will be learning about different First Nations legends from across Canada. We will be visiting the MacKenzie Art Gallery on February 5th with the morning class, and on February 7th with the afternoon class.

The children will be exchanging Valentine’s Day cards on the 14th there was a class list with names and symbols sent home with your calendars at the beginning of this month.


  • Winter break is from February 18th to the 21st. Children will return to school on Monday February 25th.

  • We will be contacting all parents to book a time for a mid-year visit. This can be done at the school or in your home, whichever you prefer. The visit is so we can talk to the parents about how the school year is going so far, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

                                                – Anita, Debbie and Toby

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