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Preschool Administration and General Inquiries
                 (306) 757-3744 or info@earlylearning.ca

         Executive Director:  Mary Ann McGrath  (306) 757-3744 ext.223
                      Bookkeeper:  Doris Westphal  (306) 757-3744 ext.224
                      Admin Assistant:  Mel Lutz  (306) 757-3744 ext.236

Teaching Staff
         Preschool Supervisor:  Kelly Thornton (306) 757-3744 ext.222
                      Blue Room Teacher:  Karen Westphal and Safaal Almbaidin
                      Green Room Teachers:  Brigid McNutt and Eva Pereyra-Susan
                      Red Room Teachers:  Walaa Ali and Aleesha Johnston
                      Yellow Room Teachers:  Anita Uhl and Debbie Tanner

Family Support/Parents As Teachers
          Family Support Supervisor:  Teresa Seel  (306) 522-3668 ext.232
                      Family Support Worker:  Ronda O'Watch  (306) 522-3668 ext.228
                      Family Support Worker:  Laurie Pelletier  (306) 522-3668 ext.230
          PAT Coordinator: Suleil Sebastian  (306) 522-7044
                      PAT Educator: Natsha Mendees  (306) 522-3668 ext.225
                      PAT Educator: Michelle Corkish  (306) 522-3668 ext.226
          KidsFirst Coordinator:  Lorna Wesaquate  (306) 522-7044 ext.225
                      Admin Assistant:  Dena Lanigan  (306) 522-7044 ext.221
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Lois Clark  (306) 522-7044 ext.223
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Thuy Dong  (306) 522-7044 ext.227
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Tracy Bondy  (306) 522-7044 ext.230
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Ali Suderman  
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Kimberley Crowe  (306) 522-7044 ext.232
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Natasa Marunika  (306) 522-7044 ext.224
                      KidsFirst Homevisitor:  Meridee Sayer  (306) 522-7044 ext.228
Early Years Family Centre
          Family Centre Coordinator:  Monica Totton  (306) 522-7044 ext.231

          Sacred Heart Site: 309 529-2520
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Myriam Strachan
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Tessa Melnyk
          Dr. Hanna Site: 306 791-8229
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Karen Worme
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Pam Ashurst (on leave)
          Miller Site: 306 519-8588
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Linda McKnight
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Tania Aguilera
          Triple P Site
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Danica Escobar
                      Family Centre Facilitator: Dunja Luzar

Autumn at the ELC

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