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Before they can write, children at the Regina Early Learning Centre (ELC) pick a symbol to represent their names – something they can draw on their work to identify it as their own.
Zachary's moon
Meet Zachary, four years old and eager to learn. This is Zachary’s drawing of his symbol, the moon. As he carefully draws the picture of his symbol, he is taking an important step on the road to literacy and learning. With his own small hands he is crafting his dreams for his future. Zachary holds the key to his future in his hands.

The moon is more than just a symbol for Zachary’s name.
It’s a symbol for everything the ELC stands for: our approach towards early education, seeing children as capable learners, respecting children’s need to learn through play, and celebrating a child’s curiosity and sense of wonder.

Since 1977 the ELC has been serving the inner city community. Over 3,000 children have attended the program and started school better equipped to succeed.

News from the ELC's Capital Campaign Trail

This is what parents say about the Centre:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have three of my children attend the Centre and make a successful transition into the school system… I’ve witnessed first-hand how my children have benefited from attending this program and remain so thankful for all the wonderful memories which I’ll always cherish.” (Merridee S. parent and now on staff at the ELC)

Four year old Sarah was absorbing important lessons of equality. She chose a brown crayon and drew a picture of herself. She asked the teacher to “write her story”. The teacher wrote what Sarah said: “I made myself brown because I am brown”.
Reading at the ELC

“I'm very grateful to the Centre, it made my kids positive and outgoing, more safe. It gave them curiousness of learning. They learnt to read sooner.” (Bernadine M. a parent of a child at the ELC)

“It has been such an excitement when my daughter was accepted to know she was going to attend the same preschool as I did even the same teacher. The help is there as a parent when needed which is useful to a parent. The school means so much to me … and I hope to see my grandchildren attend”. (Amanda O. former pupil and now a parent of a child at the ELC)

But it’s not just the parents who like the programs. Studies by external evaluators show that the ELC makes a positive difference in children’s lives. We also manage our resources responsibly. In 2007, the ELC was named one of the nine most effective community based programs in Canada by Charity Intelligence (see Charity Intelligence Canada).

Now the ELC has a new challenge. The building that houses most of the Centre’s programs is up for sale and needs extensive renovations and upgrades to bring it up to today’s codes and accessibility standards. The Board of Directors has launched a 1.5 million dollar capital campaign Small Hands – Big Dreams to purchase the property and do the necessary work.

The Building: $275,000. The Centre has the first right of refusal on the building and adjacent land and the Sisters have generously offered to sell at below market value.

New Addition: $500,000. The new atrium will provide more learning opportunities for children and families and enhance delivery of art, science, and parent group programs.

Renovations and upgrades: $425,000. The building was constructed in 1963. It is structurally sound but needs to be upgraded to better meet program needs and today’s environmental and accessibility standards.

Reserve Fund: $150,000. In order to ensure long term program sustainability, the reserve fund will be used to meet the maintenance needs of both Early Learning Centre buildings.

Making connections
Campaign Costs: $150,000. Grants have been received to cover the majority of the capital campaign expenses.

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The ELC is about helping children get off to a strong start and helping people change their lives. It’s about fostering human qualities of compassion and respect and developing relationships and social responsibility. It’s about imagining a better world.

By making a gift to the Small Hands – Big Dreams campaign you will be lending a hand to families who want no more than the opportunity for their children to reach their potential.

In addition, you can make a secure and direct financial contibution to the Early Learning Centre through the national support organization Canada Helps. As a public foundation, CanadaHelps uses a donor-directed funding model to facilitate online donations from donors to charities. Click here to make a contribution.

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Please contact the Campaign Director or any member of the Campaign Cabinet to discuss your donation. Your gift will produce enormous benefits, not only for inner city children and their families, but also for society as a whole.

Capital Campaign Director: Anne Luke 757-3744

Campaign Cabinet Co-chair: Wayne Hellquist 539-3699

For general inquiries, please call (306) 757-3744, or e-mail the Reception Desk

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