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Marion Gracey Educational Bursary
2016/17 Bursary Recipients

Two ELC parents were awarded the Marion Gracey Bursary in the fall of 2016. The first recipient will be in her first year of study in the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has relocated to Saskatoon for this program. Despite many challenges in her life, she is determined to make positive life choices for herself and her children.  In her words:

I joined the KidsFirst program in Regina last fall after my second child was born and have been grateful for the support that has been provided. I attended the Make theConnection program with my baby at the Early Learning Centre, and my four year old daughter enjoyed her first year of preschool there as well. As a single parent, it was very helpful to have an alternative outlet of support when you do not have the other parent to lean on. My children have different fathers, neither of which are involved in their lives, and no child support for either has been awarded to me. . . Despite this situation, I am eager to move forward and advance my career path in the  best direction possible for me to care for myself and my children.

The second recipient is also a participant in the KidsFirst Program. She is a newcomer to Canada and faces the challenge of retraining in order to help create a positive future for her family. In her words:

I immigrated from China to Canada in December of 2014. I have a bachelor degree and a master degree in law in China and was employed full time in legal related job in a company in China. I am currently a stay at home mom who is focusing on parenting my four and a half month old baby boy.  Before baby was born, I worked two jobs  . . . I live with my baby and my husband in a rental house, and I applied for low income housing . . . to help lower the cost of living expenses as we live on a small budget of my maternity leave benefit. I have registered for three courses in accounting at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, which start from September through December.  These courses relate to my current job, and I am planning to do tax auditor related job in the future.

2015/16 Bursary Recipients

The inaugural Marion Gracey Bursary was awarded to two individuals, one who was planning to attend the University of Regina and the other, Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Follow-up indicates that both recipients completed their academic year successfully. One completed her third year of a Business program at the University of Regina. She indicated her marks were very good and she received a very complimentary letter from one of her professors. She is planning to complete her degree this coming year and is tentatively planning to enter a Master's program. Her younger brother, whose guardianship she has assumed, had a good year at kindergarten and is excited to begin Grade 1.

The second recipient completed the first year of a two-year Youth Care Worker program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  During the year, she did a practicum placement at Miller High School. As a result of the placement, she has decided that she doesn’t want to work with high school students but would prefer to work with middle years children. She will be returning to Saskatchewan Polytechnic to complete the program in September.  She indicates she was successful in balancing her school life with her family responsibilities.

About the Marion Gracey Educational Bursary

The Marion Gracey Educational Bursary is supported and awarded through a partnership between the Muttart Foundation and the Regina Early Learning Centre. With the financial support of the Muttart Foundation, the Regina Early Learning Centre will award one or more Educational Bursaries annually to eligible parents. The total amount of Bursaries awarded per year will be in the region of $5,000. This amount may be awarded in a single Bursary or divided between two or more Bursaries.

The Educational Bursary is named in honor of Ms. Marion Gracey who served as a Director of the Muttart Foundation from 1993 to 2013. Ms. Gracey was elected as a member of Foundation in 2006 and served as its President from 2008 to 2012. Ms. Gracey spent much of her professional career in the nonprofit sector in the city of Regina working with a number of charitable organizations that serve women, youth, families and children. She was a strong advocate for the rights of Aboriginal Peoples and a skilled community developer. In the final chapter of her professional life she worked for the Government of British Columbia in the Ministry of Children and Family Services. Ms. Gracey passed away in the fall of 2013.

For more information on the Marion Gracey Educational Bursary, eligibility requirements and how to prepare an application, please contact Mary Ann McGrath at the Regina Learning Centre main office.

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"We also saw the teachers encouraging the children to take initiatives and to collaborate with each other. The children were not cosseted, but given genuine freedom to choose. Through dialogue with their teachers these choices are then transformed into purposeful activities."

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